What are they afraid of?

It still mystifies me that we’re so easily lured into skepticism when we see a political commercial from the McCain camp.  The mainstream media is saying that Obama has been successfully characterized by the opposing side as a celebrity with no experience to back up his run at the White House.  I think that’s only if you let the Mainstream media tell you so.  How can you read into a 25-second smear commercial with a shot of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and pronounce that successful?  We are smarter than this, aren’t we America?

I feel that experience in politics is overrated, and possibly even dangerous.  I don’t know shit about politics save these few things – experienced, seasoned politicians lie without remorse.  What’s to be experienced at? Lies, deceit, pocketing money from as many lobbyists as humanly possible?  Rallying around giant corporations and offering them tax cuts?  Sending off thousands of men and women to fight a war for which there was no basis? You know who’s an incredibly experienced politician?  George W. Bush – the unrepentant orchestrator of our current situation.   The man who has told us he doesn’t have a “magic wand” with which to solve the energy crisis has certainly had one when the banks have needed one.  It had to have been a fucking wand he used to convince the American people that there was just cause to go to war in Iraq.  The Republicans think we’re stupid.  They honestly believe that we are not conscious of having been misled.

Why don’t the facts stand out more then the slander?  Look, here’s my point.  We are all, every one of us, human beings with painful skeletons in our closets.  Things that we would rather not bring out into the open.  Things that make us ashamed of ourselves, of those around us, of what we’ve done and said.   I’d like to say right here and right now that I do not make the strange error of assuming that Barack Obama is the messiah, indeed I find that statement rather concerning.   But the implications of the Right about Obama, some of the disgusting and awful things being said about him are untruths.  I will not dispute that the man has flaws of character like anyone else among us.  Don’t let the Right tell you that their candidates are more morally upstanding citizens, that they’re more in tune with your values because they are above making mistakes.  That, my friends, is the first and most obvious indication that you’re being lied to, because no such person lives on the face of this planet now.

Don’t do it this time.  Don’t buy what they’re selling.  The goal is to incite paranoia about the only chance in hell that this country has to be half of what it was when Clinton left office.  You know who’s paranoid America?  The people who are making millions of dollars a year in this recession.  The people who brought you the mortgage crisis who might actually have to answer for their crimes (and make no mistake, this market was criminal).  Do you know who’s paranoid right now?  The oil companies, who fear that this time people have had it up to here with their bullshit, and that they just might not take it anymore. But they’re banking on this – they’re banking on your continued buy-in.  They’re hoping that they can take this situation and make you believe that you’re actually prospering right now.  Do you feel prosperous?  I certainly don’t.

This is how the Right consistently wins, by scaring you, by exploiting your values and telling you that a vote for them is a vote for everything that you stand for.  Haven’t we been living in fear long enough?  Fear is an instinctive secondary reaction to something.  In this case I can only assume that something is 9/11.  But we’re not safer, we’re not better off, the people responsible for that atrocity are alive, they are well.  If we’ve allocated billions of American taxpayer dollars to finding these people under a Republican administration and now, seven years later we have not found them yet, do you honestly believe that another eight years will bring back the peace of mind you lost all those years ago?


One Response to “What are they afraid of?”

  1. Obama rules! finally someone with some spine~!

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