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What does it mean to you?

Posted in politics, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on August 20, 2008 by Goodbye Apathy

What should you really, truly think about when you go to the polls this November?  What is it that drives you, that motivates you from day-to-day?  Is it the reputation of this great nation into which you had the good fortune to be born or brought and the spread of Democracy across the Earth?  Is it the tax cuts for big oil?  Is it Wall Street?

It could be.  If it were, you’d be right to call yourself a Republican, because these things would benefit you every single day in a very real way.  You’d be incredibly concerned with making sure that the appropriate corporations got the right payouts, tax cuts, and bailouts to ensure that you remained prosperous and wealthy in your day to day life.

Are you wealthy?  Probably not.  No offense, but the income gap is widening, which also means that it is incredibly unlikely that if you are not ALREADY wealthy, you will ever become so.  Oh sure, that’s a possibility that I don’t want you to totally rule out.  I mean it is the American dream to work your ass of and become fully self-sufficient, ideally from the fruits of your own labor.  But let’s be honest, you probably go to work every day (or maybe even every night) so that you can pay the bills, pay the mortgage, put food on the table, and maybe spend some money on your kids every once in awhile.  Anyway, that’s what drives me.  And while I appreciate my job, and work hard, there are a couple of things that bother me about my situation.

My kids deserve the opportunity to go to a good neighborhood school that isn’t crumbling at its foundation just because it’s located in a working class area and not in a brand new housing development where the mortgages run half a million dollars or more.  If my kids could get a decent education at a neighborhood school, hell, who knows, maybe THEY could afford one of those houses some day.

But wait – that would mean that my kids wouldn’t be serving the wealthy.  I mean, they probably wouldn’t be going to work at fancy restaurants as waiters, or into call centers to do customer service, or into blue-collar jobs.  They’d probably end up going to college because of their outstanding SAT scores, where if they had the drive they’d be able to study for a career to advance their standing in society and do better then I did.  Yes, that would make sense.  Almost sounds reasonable. Has a bit of the “American Dream” ring to it, doesn’t it?   Of course if you pull a search of the test scores in my neighborhood you’ll find that there’s not a decent school in the entire district, save one.

And I got to thinking – if my kids (read: middle class) are not serving someone else in these blue collar jobs when they grow up, then how the hell are we to maintain the wealth gap that keeps the rich comfortably separated from the less-than-rich?  Wouldn’t it detract from their prestige if it could be established that their children are not by birth inherently smarter or better then mine?  If my kids could get a decent education, they would decide who employed them, not the other way around.  That would pose another problem for the wealthy.

The bottom line here is that the wealthy need to subjugate and control you.  They need to be certain that a new generation of your children will be under their children in every way imaginable, so that this endless cycle of poverty feeding wealth can continue unbroken.  This is a hard sell, so naturally they’ve had to delve into your values, get a sense of what makes you tick, so that you can be deceived into believing that when the conservatives are in office they are looking out for your best interests and your values.

Do you feel that’s true when John McCain talks about giving massive tax incentives to oil companies that are already squeezing the lifeblood from you for your daily commute while recording record profits?

Do you feel that’s the case when you’re told that there’s no “bailout” for homeowners who were roped  into mortgages that they could not afford, but that we’re going to help out those same companies who lost money deceiving people, lying to them, cheating them at the expense of their American Dream?

Has President Bush helped you to feel safer these past eight years, sending thousands of men and women to their deaths in Iraq, and then allowing his administration to trivialize that loss of life – to state without remorse that it pales in comparison to what we lost in Vietnam?  As if the value of those lives is somehow diminished because fewer of them were lost – it’s unfathomable.  Who do you think makes up the bulk of the military?  Let me give you a hint – not the rich people’s kids.

America – when you go to the polls this year ask yourself with honesty, selfishly – what has eight years of the Bush administration done for me?  Is my life better or worse then it was before, do my kids go to a good school, do I struggle to put food on the table and keep a positive balance in the bank account?  The government cannot solve all of your problems nor should it be expected to.  But they owe it to you that your quality of life is not diminished as a direct result of their actions.  In all honesty, isn’t that what’s happening to us now?