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Sarah Palin

Posted in politics with tags , , , , , , , , , , on September 1, 2008 by Goodbye Apathy

I must admit that when I first heard the news of McCain’s pick for Vice President, a sort of unknown woman from the wilds of Alaska, I was a little concerned.  Now the question is, how dare I underestimate the intelligence of female Independent and Democratic voters (being one myself) by thinking that any woman who allied herself with Hillary would be so shallow and spiteful as to vote for McCain, who has attempted to cast himself in the Maverick’s role once again with this pick.

I know, Obama has said that Palin’s daughter is off limits.  And Obama is a better person than me (which I suspect is one of the many reasons he is running for the highest office in the world) for a whole slew of reasons.  But hypocrisy should be exposed.  Scandal and cover-up should be exposed.  Because, God knows, the Pundits would not go easy on the Obamas were this scenario reversed. Sorry Barack, but if this situation arose regarding one of your daughters, Rush Limbaugh and all of his cronies would be pouncing all over your family mercilessly, proclaiming this “proof” of poor parenting and immorality on your part. No doubt they’ll rush to the side of Sarah Palin out of necessity now, rally to her daugther’s obvious endorsement of Pro-Lifery and call her someone who “walks the walk.”  No doubt the Evangelical base, so “energized” over McCain’s selection of VP just a few short days ago, will be examining in painstaking detail how it’s OK for Bristol to have engaged in pre-marital relations because she has redeemed herself by deciding to keep this child.  However, I myself will not be sparing the Palin family a scathing review.  In fact, this is a wake up call to all those whom the Republicans have attempted to convince over the years of their higher moral ground that every man, woman, and child is subject to the same laws of nature, to the same shortcomings of character, to the same trials and tribulations as the least of us despite their great wealth and supposed upstanding moral character.

I was nineteen years old when I learned that I was pregnant with my first child, and I wasn’t married, nor did abortion ever seriously cross my mind – so please don’t misinterpret this as a bash on teenage mothers who make the very difficult decision to raise their children.  However, it’s necessary to point out here that these are the people who claim to be morally upstanding, who preach abstinence education, who stand at the pulpit and proclaim that women should have no choices, no options in their reproductive health. And what has it gotten them?  A pregnant seventeen year old daughter – which really only establishes one thing here:  No one is above making mistakes.  Not even the self righteous  fanatical wealthy and prestigious Christian right-wing family finds enough favor with God that they are not subjected to the laws of nature.

The American people have been decieved and belittled by Right-Wingers touting their supposed moral superiority for who knows how long and now (though not for the first time) we are allowed to see someone brought down to the level upon which they belong – the level of a person who is able to make mistakes, whose philosophy and outlook on life is not better than ours, or superior to ours.  In fact, it turns out, Republicans are people too.  Of course the problem is, they never wanted us to find out about that.